Monday, March 15, 2010

Juicing and the Beautiful Truth

The kids were all off playing or sleeping and I set The Beautiful Truth on to watch a couple of evenings ago. I knew it had to do with Dr. Gerson's method but I'd forgotten much else, kept it in the Netflix streaming queue for a while, as I often have to do, waiting for a good time when the kids are busy, (not sure of what might pop up in the content and it's never easy to hear over them).

There were some haunting images, too raw for their age. After a while, after those passed, my daughter wandered in to watch, lured by the story of this homeschooled boy who went on an adventure to learn about our food supply, and eating healthier. She's eight and all about the healthy (until sweets show up). ~.- I was impressed with the dad's method, that was the ultimate field trip, and there's much to be said for letting them discover their own answers. I aspire to it.

The movie set me thinking about changes I should be making for my own health. Healthy eating gurus and natural methods were part of my family language growing up, one of few heritages treasured and passed on. I remember my mom's old juicer, and occasionally thought of getting my own, but that never seemed as vital as it did after watching the movie, hearing tales of fibromyalgia and other dis-ease disappearing. So I went juicer shopping, and picked one.

My daughter's so fascinated with healthy eating, I know when our juicer gets here it's going to spark more nutrition discussion. Looking forward to it. It will be a good chance to work in some measuring practice and taste experiments, too.

We just covered the chapter in Nim's Island where she made bread and ate banana coconut mash, so food's been a big topic all week. I suspect our first experimental juice recipes will have coconut and banana, one way or another.

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