Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lovely YouTube, & Nim's Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of Nim's Island was a quick read. We talked about chasms and kittiwakes and how we can use words we know to help decode words we don't.

The kids are coming down with something again, so we kept it a lazy, easy day, watched videos about how cyclones work and others about frigate birds, and sea lions, and then wandered off into the ZooTVs of various zoos, with their little snapshots of animals exotic. It's amazing how many zoos have their own channels, and how very much else of educational use can be found there.

Later she wrote a story (with pictures for words she didn't know how to spell) and then made up a game.

Fun stuff. These are the moments I wouldn't trade for anything.

Surfing Sea Lions:


abitosunshine said...

Indeed, moments to hold onto for a lifetime!

Lune Wolfsong said...