Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Starting Nim's Island Literature Unit

Nim's Island arrived today.  I've really been looking forward to reading this to the kids, and we started on it tonight.  My sporty little princess is very impressed with the independent, capable Nim and her creature friends.  And it's just too perfect that Nim is unschooled / homeschooled, too.

We used the suggestions from Laura O'Neill's Nim's Island Unit Study after reading Chapter 1, and it went great.  Short, quick, right on target.  Perfect because my three boys were participating, too, with their varying attention spans.

You find links to the free online resources I've collected to use as we read this book here: Nim's Island Unit Study, Lesson Plans, and Activities.


abitosunshine said...

Fortunately I've no need for home-schooling information. However, I look forward to your posts and know I'll learn a thing or two... maybe even feel like a little girl again, if only for a moment or two...

Lune Wolfsong said...

:) Thanks.